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Life is a rhythm. Art is an organization of rhythms. 

- Joseph Campbell

SOUNDQ (short for Soundquake) is the alias of Kuba Kubica - an innovative alternative dance producer-vocalist from Krakow.

Kubica's songwriting delves into the dynamics of interpersonal struggles, the cruelty of fate, power imbalances, and the disorienting experience of living between different worlds. He marries these themes with electronic music that is undeniably distinctive. His music draws inspiration from house, disco, techno, and even contemporary pop, yet it remains entirely singular. It's an underground, infectious, danceable and propulsive sound that offers a brave way forward to those willing to immerse themselves in it.

SOUNDQ tracks have appeared on Disco Halal, Ritter Butzke Records, URSL, Distillery Records, and Wytwórnia Krajowa.

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